The best ZSH history search

oh my zsh rocks
cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins;
git clone git://;echo "source ${PWD}/zaw/zaw.zsh" >> ~/.zshrc
  • Edit your ~/.zshrc file
  • Replace your plugins section with this (feel free to add whatever other plugins you’re using)
plugins=(git zaw) # just need to add zaw to plugins
# this has to be before bindkey IME
source $ZSH/
# CTRL-R will pull up zaw-history (backwards zsh history search)
bindkey '^r' zaw-history
# CTRL-B will pull up zaw-git-branches which will search your current git branches and switch (git checkout) to the branch you select when you hit enter.
bindkey '^b' zaw-git-branches
  • Restart your terminal/zsh session!




Director of Engineering @GenesisBlock

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Sean Lewis

Sean Lewis

Director of Engineering @GenesisBlock

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